Monday, 11 August 2014

My Story

WALT: Write for an audience.
Last Friday it was room 5's assembly and some kids form our class had to read out a piece of writing. Before I got up to read my writing I felt a little nervous but I was a bit lucky because I was last. When it was finally my turn to read I started to gain pride and I realized that it wasn't so scary. After I had finished reading I felt proud and confident to do it again. Here's the story that I read out...

This week I have been writing a descriptive story about a confident explorer who meets a famous singer.

Once upon a time in a land where animals grazed in green fields there was a very brave, very daring, explorer named Ian and he was the worlds greatest explorer. One bright sunny day the great Ian jumped on his boat and went sailing to the ends of the earth. Just as the cunning explorer had steamed off from the American harbour the gigantic, ugly, terrifying Kraken appeared out of nowhere.

This Kraken was a giant octopus with huge suckers, blood shot eyes, spiky back bones that stuck out through its skin, and razor sharp teeth.

It grabbed onto Ian's boat and it ripped it to shreds. Poor helpless Ian was washed away by the raging waters. When Ian gained consciousness he realized he was stranded on a tropical island. He slowly got up and saw a little hut made completely out of long logs, wooden planks, and light yellow paint for a sign.

Ian walked in and there he saw… Ed Sheeran singing his hit song “Sing” “ED SHEERAN, IT’S ED SHEERAN O MY G…” but Ian fainted before he could finish his sentence. Ed Sheeran started splashing fresh sparkling water all over Ian’s face. Ian got up in a flash. “ED SHEERAN I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, will you sign my t-shirt,” Ian gasped and also said…  “will you sign my forehead!” Ian was being soooo annoying that Ed signed his forehead twice. “He’s fainted again” sighed Ed Sheeran. When Ian woke up from his short slumber he told Ed all of his adventures. Ed got so bored and annoyed with Ian he called for his private yacht and sent Ian back home. The End.

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