Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Five Minute Addision Frenzy Room 5

Date: 19/06/14. Today for maths we did 5 minute frenzy. We had to solve 100 addison problems!!! Yesterday I did 84 problems and today I did 94!!! Room 5 had to make a chart of our progress. Heres my chart...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Thneed

Date: 12/6/14 Yesterday We had Mrs Wallace in room 5, and we had to make an advertisement about the Thneed. Heres mine...

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Marvel Hero's

These are the marvel hero's (and a villan) that I have created... I hope you like them.

Blue Lightnings Profile…
Blue Lighting.png

Name: Blue Lightning (Real name... James)
Powers: He can fly, he can use blue lighting on enemies and he’s stronger than superman.
Weakness: Green lightning from special clouds.
History: This person used to work at a supermarket, he was a poor man who lived with his wife and son.
How he got his powers: One stormy night James was taking walking in town, then he was struck by blue lighting and… he felt like flying and he did! Then he shot blue lighting from his hands! So thats how James became… BLUE LIGHTNING!

Blue Lightnings Sidekick… Thunder Kid!!!!

Thunder Kid.png

Name: Thunder Kid (Real name... Fred)
Powers: He can fly (like blue lightning), he can shoot blue lightning from his hands and hammer and he's as fast as the flash.
Weakness: Green lightning from special clouds, and his master blue lightning.
History: His parents died in WW2, so he became homeless… Then James (blue lightning) adopted him.
How he got his powers: When he was adopted he found out that his father figure was blue lightning. James saw him spying and and gave him godly powers (like his) and that he became… THUNDER KID!!!

Blue Lightning’s Rival… Earth Father.

Earth Father.png

Name: Earth Father (Real name... Harry)
Powers: None… BUT! he has green lighting conelets
Weakness: Blue Lightning’s and Thunder Kids godly powers combined.
History: He was a mad scientist who tried to mix toxic waste with rocks and it failed.
How he got this way: The toxic waste he had made had got on to his skin, and then all his organs and blood cells turned to stone.   

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Word Problems

Date: 4.6.14 last week for maths we had to do word problems, we had solve them... Today I chose a word problem and posted my working on my bog... I hope this helps you.