Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Just Kidding - Panui

Today in reading we had to do a summary about a story called Just Kidding, heres mine.
I think i should of spoke louder. Sorry if its to quiet.
I think its good that when I made a mistake I kept going.
Next time I'm going speak louder.


  1. A great effort Denver well done. Make sure when you post that you give the reader some information about your mahi (what is is, why we did it etc) and also say what you did well not just what you need to fix! A good re-telling, you included all the important bits!

  2. I like it Denver I don't think it's too quiet and I think you shuld say what you did well.

  3. Denver I liked your story it just needs to be clearer and quieter. I also think you mite have to learn it a little bit more and make sure you know it.
    but you did good

  4. denver what i like about what you did is you said what we were doing and that you kept going when you did a mistake and kept going but next time i think you could fix up the mistakes and next time also you should say what you did well