Friday, 31 October 2014

Show Don't Tell 2

This is my Show Don't tell writing that room 5 started about 1 week ago... I hope you like it.

The sentence we had to show not tell - She was happy and excited when she went for a swim on a hot sunny day with her best friend.

Her mouth was wide open and she was dancing around like a crazy person. She lept into the crashing waves and slowly started to stroke forward. She got out of the water, the sun was out and she started to sweat, the soft, golden sand felt boiling hot under her feet. She ran up to her friend and both their hands slapped together. They lay on their towels and sunbathed, their skin looked like it was getting sunburned so they both ran to the water as fast as they could, the waves felt cool and relaxing. Then they both bought some nice, cool ice-cream, they both bought chocolate. Her friend dived back into the big, blue waves the waves started to grow bigger and she had a huge smile on her face. Then she saw a big, grey spike sticking out of the water, she tried to imagine what it might be, she only had one chance, they had to act now or suffer the consequences…

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Show Don't Tell...

Today room 5 learnt how to do show don't tell, here are mine...

I will begin by describing what the characters body felt like.
I will describe what they were thinking

I will leave the audience hanging

·                     Write in the third person
·                     Use capital letters and full stops.

Her legs started to wobble, her heart pounded faster than a cheater. She heard strange noises in the distance then everything went silent. She imagined what might be lurking through the dark woods……

He smashed the door right open, his eyes were looking evil. He had a big frown. His face was red like he was going to burst in flames. He clenched his hands into a fist. He started to imagined what he would do to his little brother……

Can you find out what emotions I was writing about?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What Animal Would I be...

If I could be any animal in the world it would probably be the Vampire bat. I would want to be a Vampire bat because if a predator trys to eat me I could just fly away (that is if the predator can't fly) their food is really easy to find, blood its nearly every where, there light, stealthily, their nocturnal and when the bat sucks blood from an animal or person they can suck their blood for 30min with out the animal or person waking up and it doesn't hurt but the main reason was that the bat represents Batman (and hes my favorite super hero).  


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Buddy Reward

Today Room 5's buddy class (Room 8) came to our classroom. My real buddy wasn't here today so I was given another buddy for the day. He name was Kayne and today he got a platinum certificate, thats the highest reward level you can get on maths buddy. WOW!

If you want to try maths buddy for yourself heres the link -   

Monday, 18 August 2014

Five Minute Frenzy (Term 3)

Today we did another five minute frenzy and today my time was 3.09 and thats my best time yet...

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Story Starter WALT for this Week.

WALT: Brainstorm our ideas from a sentence starter.

* Write three questions about a curious crow who swims to the bottom of the sea.

1. Write 3 questions…
What, How, When, Who, While, Why, Did and Where

2. Curious Crow…
Bursting to know, eager, keen, wondering, and enthusiastic
lives in trees, chases people, likes shiny things, black - white, screech, big beak and loud.

3. Who swims to the bottom of the sea
Treasure, sunken ships, sand, rocks, shells, kinas, crayfish, mussels, stingrays, sharks, seaweed, Atlantis and whales.

1. While you were down at the bottom of the sea what did you find?
2. How did you hold your breath for so long down at the bottom of the sea?
3. Did you have a reason for going down to the bottom of the sea?  

Monday, 11 August 2014

My Story

WALT: Write for an audience.
Last Friday it was room 5's assembly and some kids form our class had to read out a piece of writing. Before I got up to read my writing I felt a little nervous but I was a bit lucky because I was last. When it was finally my turn to read I started to gain pride and I realized that it wasn't so scary. After I had finished reading I felt proud and confident to do it again. Here's the story that I read out...

This week I have been writing a descriptive story about a confident explorer who meets a famous singer.

Once upon a time in a land where animals grazed in green fields there was a very brave, very daring, explorer named Ian and he was the worlds greatest explorer. One bright sunny day the great Ian jumped on his boat and went sailing to the ends of the earth. Just as the cunning explorer had steamed off from the American harbour the gigantic, ugly, terrifying Kraken appeared out of nowhere.

This Kraken was a giant octopus with huge suckers, blood shot eyes, spiky back bones that stuck out through its skin, and razor sharp teeth.

It grabbed onto Ian's boat and it ripped it to shreds. Poor helpless Ian was washed away by the raging waters. When Ian gained consciousness he realized he was stranded on a tropical island. He slowly got up and saw a little hut made completely out of long logs, wooden planks, and light yellow paint for a sign.

Ian walked in and there he saw… Ed Sheeran singing his hit song “Sing” “ED SHEERAN, IT’S ED SHEERAN O MY G…” but Ian fainted before he could finish his sentence. Ed Sheeran started splashing fresh sparkling water all over Ian’s face. Ian got up in a flash. “ED SHEERAN I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN, will you sign my t-shirt,” Ian gasped and also said…  “will you sign my forehead!” Ian was being soooo annoying that Ed signed his forehead twice. “He’s fainted again” sighed Ed Sheeran. When Ian woke up from his short slumber he told Ed all of his adventures. Ed got so bored and annoyed with Ian he called for his private yacht and sent Ian back home. The End.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Five Minute Frenzy Term 3

WALT: Increase our basic fact recall speed.

Today I got a slower time than yesterday, but I'm trying really hard to get less than three minutes. Yesterday's time - 3.42, Today's time - 3.52.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Facts on Autumn...

WALT: Find Facts About Autumn.

When room 5 had Mrs Woods in our class we had to find facts about autumn. I found some really cool facts about it... here is the presentation I made with the facts I found...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Five Minute Addison Frenzy (2).

Date: 03/07/14. Today for five minute frenzy the time I got was 3.40, but my best time was 3.32... My goal for next time is to get less than 3.00 minutes. I think that I'm doing pretty good and really fast, I'm getting faster nearly everyday. Best time: 3.32 Slowest time: 5.00... See how fast I'm getting.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Five Minute Addision Frenzy Room 5

Date: 19/06/14. Today for maths we did 5 minute frenzy. We had to solve 100 addison problems!!! Yesterday I did 84 problems and today I did 94!!! Room 5 had to make a chart of our progress. Heres my chart...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Thneed

Date: 12/6/14 Yesterday We had Mrs Wallace in room 5, and we had to make an advertisement about the Thneed. Heres mine...

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Marvel Hero's

These are the marvel hero's (and a villan) that I have created... I hope you like them.

Blue Lightnings Profile…
Blue Lighting.png

Name: Blue Lightning (Real name... James)
Powers: He can fly, he can use blue lighting on enemies and he’s stronger than superman.
Weakness: Green lightning from special clouds.
History: This person used to work at a supermarket, he was a poor man who lived with his wife and son.
How he got his powers: One stormy night James was taking walking in town, then he was struck by blue lighting and… he felt like flying and he did! Then he shot blue lighting from his hands! So thats how James became… BLUE LIGHTNING!

Blue Lightnings Sidekick… Thunder Kid!!!!

Thunder Kid.png

Name: Thunder Kid (Real name... Fred)
Powers: He can fly (like blue lightning), he can shoot blue lightning from his hands and hammer and he's as fast as the flash.
Weakness: Green lightning from special clouds, and his master blue lightning.
History: His parents died in WW2, so he became homeless… Then James (blue lightning) adopted him.
How he got his powers: When he was adopted he found out that his father figure was blue lightning. James saw him spying and and gave him godly powers (like his) and that he became… THUNDER KID!!!

Blue Lightning’s Rival… Earth Father.

Earth Father.png

Name: Earth Father (Real name... Harry)
Powers: None… BUT! he has green lighting conelets
Weakness: Blue Lightning’s and Thunder Kids godly powers combined.
History: He was a mad scientist who tried to mix toxic waste with rocks and it failed.
How he got this way: The toxic waste he had made had got on to his skin, and then all his organs and blood cells turned to stone.   

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Word Problems

Date: 4.6.14 last week for maths we had to do word problems, we had solve them... Today I chose a word problem and posted my working on my bog... I hope this helps you.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Iran and NZ

 For reading we had to do a venn diagram about Iran and NZ. Heres mine.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


The Frost
This morning at 7:00 o’clock my mum woke me up for school and it was SO cold I didn’t want to get out of bed, for 2 minutes I lay down and looked up at the ceiling, then I got changed and went to the kitchen for breakfast, yummy! bacon and eggs. After I had breakfast and watched a little t.v me and Ryan grabbed our bags and went to the car to wait for mum to take us to school. The grass wasn’t covered in frost but… the car windows had ice all over the windows! My mum was going to get some warm water to get the ice all off of the windshield then me and Ryan walked to the back of the car and we tried to scratch all the ice off of the back window (but we couldn’t). Then my mum came back with the warm water. After all that trouble we were off to school and mum was dropping us off there. As we walked in the gate there was frost everywhere! I slid on the frost for fun and a faster way to get to class.   

Today for writing room 5 had to write about the frost this morning. Heres what I wrote.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Picture of the day

For reading we had to look at a picture and observe thing in the picture. Here are two of mine.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Just Kidding - Panui

Today in reading we had to do a summary about a story called Just Kidding, heres mine.
I think i should of spoke louder. Sorry if its to quiet.
I think its good that when I made a mistake I kept going.
Next time I'm going speak louder.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

All About Me

 To get used to using our Chromebooks Room 5 made a presentation about our self's. I hope you
enjoy looking at my work.